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Giant Saw Bones

Giant Saw Bones

Giant Saw Bones is a game of surgical precision and skill. Our life-like patient has ten body cavities containing body parts that need to be removed.

Rid him of his Adam’s Apple (it’s rotten); his Tennis Elbow (it’s sore) or the butterflies in his tummy (they don’t belong there).

What happens if you do?

Well, that’s where the fun starts, With the surgical tweezers you must carefully remove his ten body parts without touching his without touching the sides and setting off the buzzer, all with the 60 second countdown, do you have the skill, remember operation as a Kid, well this is Giant operation !

Why not hire this Giant operation for your fun day, team building, gala, or Exhibition.

  • Suitable for indoor or marquee use only


  • patience-game
  • surgeon
  • surgical
  • surgical-precision
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Many thanks for helping to organise our rodeo event on Friday. The day went well and we did a sterling job of raising awareness of the charity in the Southampton shopping centre. Please pass on our thanks to Jamie, your rodeo operator. He was very friendly, professional and extremely helpful.

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