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Tag Archery Hire

Tag Archery

Tag Archery or Combat archery, sometimes known as battle archery is a sport similar to dodge-ball, paintball or Nerf war played with bows and arrows tipped with foam.

This is a new fun archery game,  this is a fast and competitive combat game.

 Two teams of 5 persons armed with specialist archery bows and arrows “non Dangerous arrows” These have large foam ends on them making them not sharp, who’s going to be on the Blue team, or Red.

The aim game  is to knock out the other team, if you hit them they’re out, but also you need to shoot out the centre score board.
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Hi Joanne,

Despite a two hour down pour during our event, all equipment was enjoyed yesterday!
Thanks to you and your team.

Kind regards

Verity, Tudor Capital Europe LLP

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Tag Archery Hire